10/3/15 - 9:00 am Roll-Out

Columbia Gorge Ride(s)

(39.4/66.5 miles,  2,415/3,866 feet)

The route this week is Gorge Ride - Multnomah Falls/Cascade locks (39.4/66.5 miles and 2,415/3,866 feet).  This route follows the Old Columbia River Hwy - from Troutdale to either Multnomah Falls and/or Cascade Locks.  We start and end the ride at the McMenamins Edgefield Manor in Troutdale.  We will be parking in the east overflow lot  - east corner of property - on the grass.  Heading east on Halsey, take the last Edgefield entrance.  A parking area map is available on the weekly ride e-mail. The route follows the Historic Columbia River Highway out the Gorge to either Multnomah Falls or to Cascade Locks.  The planned routes are simple out-and-backs.  On the way you will encounter Dabney Park (where the climbing starts) and then ride through Springdale and Corbett.  There's a store in Corbett if you need anything.  After Corbett, you will next encounter the Portland Women's Forum - the first grand view of the Gorge - and the top of the climb.  Be sure to turn in.  After this you will head downhill to Vista House - again a great view, and restrooms.  From here it's a beautiful, curving three-mile descent on new pavement!  Then you'll start to hit the falls - Latourell, Bridal Veil, Wahkeena, and finally Multnomah.  Be careful around the falls parking areas as there's lots of traffic, parked cars and pedestrians milling about.  Once at Multnomah Falls you can enjoy the falls, get some coffee and/or ice cream, and then head back.   If you're really ambitious you can now ride all the way to Cascade Locks via the bike path.  This adds 27 miles to the ride.  Maps and Garmin files for the 66.5 mile ride to Cascade Locks are available on the weekly ride e-mail.  If you have the time and energy it's an awesome addition!  Lastly, enjoy the opportunity to finish off the ride with some brew and pizza or burgers at one of Edgefield's pubs - and say thank you to them for sharing their parking lot.

This ride is more informal than our normal Saturday rides.  Due to the simplicity of route there will be no Ride Leaders or assigned speed groups.
  Riders can group up as they desire and head out at 9 am after the normal briefing.  We would like to keep group size to 10 or less riders (throughout the ride) given the narrow roads, curvy terrain and the expected traffic on a nice fall Saturday.  Bring bike lights as the highway can be dark in the shade and there will be significant traffic.  The weather for this Saturday in Troutdale looks to be partly cloudy to clear with ride temperatures between the mid-40's to low 60's.

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