Short Way Round II

38.0 miles, 916 feet elevation

10:00am Roll-Out

The route initially heads south on 229th/231st to Rood Bridge. We then follow Burkhalter and Johnson School to the golf course.  Then it's past the Fern Hill Wetlands and into Forest Grove. We head out of town on Main, linking up with Thatcher at the Dog Park.  From there we head back via Purdin-Verboort, and then across Wren and finishing up via Hornecker and Evergreen. The forecast for this Saturday looks to be mostly cloudy with ride temperatures hovering at the mid-40's

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PV Speed Groups

Written by Virginia Quinn. Posted in News & Updates.

Thinking of moving up a speed group?  

  • Do not assume that because you have increased your mileage, you are ready for a faster group. Riding "at tempo" will challenge you in different ways.
  • Test yourself in your regular speed group to assess your readiness to move up.  Are you spending most of the time at the front of the group--are you pulling lots?  Are you riding at the top end of the speed range without being in the red zone?  If not, you might not be ready for a faster group.
  • Remember that faster groups also require more focus from you.  Be ready to pay more attention, transition faster at intersections, stop less often if at all, and regroup less.  You will have to work harder to keep gaps from opening up.
  • If you do try a faster speed group, consider an incremental step-up.  Try ten miles the first week, or stay with the pack as long as you feel ok.   Then do more the next week.  But be prepared with maps and a plan to take care of yourself--and then to join up with the following group.
  • INTRODUCE yourself to the ride leader, and make sure he or she knows you may drop off.  While most groups will pull you back occasionally, or even slow the pace to keep you in the pack, when one rider is requiring several regroups and/or rescues, it is not fair to the group or to you.


Lots of folks have successfully trained to progress through the various speed ranges, but if you move up with intention and an accurate assessment of your readiness, you will likely have a better experience.  Good luck!  


Group Ride Guidelines

Written by Glen Bolen. Posted in News & Updates.

A Portland Velo group ride is a special thing.  For many of us, it’s the highlight of the week.  Why is our Saturday ride so much better than the countless other group rides we've all tried?  It’s about the ride yes, but it’s also about the people and--more to the point--The Group.


PV’s Group Ride Guidelines

 A Portland Velo group ride is a special thing.  For many of us, it’s the highlight of the week.  Why is our Saturday ride so much better than the countless other group rides we've all tried?  It’s about the ride yes, but it’s also about the people and--more to the point--The Group.


PV’s Group Ride Guidelines


1.         Safety first. Follow the rules of the road: Stop at red lights, give right-of-way, ride to the right.

2.         It’s not a race. A group ride is just that, riding as a group, for the benefit of the group. If you want to show people how fast you can ride, get an OBRA license and participate in some of the amazing races we have nearby. 

3.         We are a “No Drop” club. We take care of each other. The day you pull in a rider who bonked, or help fix a flat will surely be repaid to you or another friend who’s run out of gas.

4.         Communicate. Call out obstacles and traffic for the group. If you head back early in the route or decide to drop back to another group, make sure that you let someone know.

5.         Know your limitations.  If you don’t feel comfortable riding in a line stay near the back of the group.  If you have a specific concern talk to the ride leader either right away, or at the end of the ride.

6.         Share the work.  Unless your feeling spent, share some time at the front. A good paceline is a SMOOTH paceline.  Keep your speed steady and ride predictably.

7.         Play your part.  Ride safely, help keep the group on course and within a pace that is agreeable to everyone in your group.

8.         Be sociable. Make everyone feel welcome. Be friendly with those you ride with, new or well known.

9.         Be open to advice. One of the many benefits of riding in a group is getting helpful feedback from fellow riders.

10.       Represent.  Like it or not, you are cycling’s ambassadors.  Take pride in riding safely and projecting a positive image for the club and the cycling community.


Portland Velo Inclement Weather Policy

Written by Glen Bolen. Posted in Site Static Pages.

We here at PV have the motto "It's All About the Ride!",  but sometimes Mother Nature decides that it would be best if we all stayed at home. In the Pacific Northwest we are no strangers to riding in bad weather, but heavy fog, high winds, slick road conditions and dare we say it, snow have sometimes hampered our ability to enjoy our famous Saturday Signature Rides.

As the season of crazy weather approaches, we've come up with the following policy for our Saturday rides:

  1. Decisions to cancel the PV Saturday ride will be made 30 minutes before the ride based on the weather conditions at our start location in Hillsboro.

  2. Reasons for canceling the ride include, but are not limited to:
    1. Heavy Fog
    2. Freezing Fog
    3. Snow / Freezing Rain
    4. Extreme Wind Conditions
  3. Notice will be posted on the front page of the website and on the Portland Velo Facebook page at or shortly after 9:30 AM the day of the ride.

  4. A PV Operations member may or may not be at the start location to further notify those who missed the web posting.  (Basically if someone isn't there to hand out the maps, the ride was probably canceled!)


There will be no official club ride on days we are forced to cancel. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions or concerns.


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